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"Watch" is a stalking anthology from Black Hare Press. Pre-order here.

My contribution is titled "Robbed Blind". Suze Quinn was certain she could take care of herself in any situation, but nothing could have prepared her for a vision-impaired stalker.

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"Parasitic arachnoids," declared the entomologist. I'd laughed. "Pull the other one. I'll be okay." Famous last words...

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Hunting Fae

She watched from the alley, green eyes burning phosphorescent. Tonight, she would snag one, imprison it...


Year Two

"Year Two" is a Dark Moments Anthology from Black Hare Press.

I have several drabbles in this book.



"Avenge" is a superhero and supervillain anthology from Black Hare Press. My contribution is "Whitefire Begins". That little old lady standing next to you at the mall? Be nice. Or else.

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Enemies End

The great witch, Ophesia, sat leaning against an ancient oak. Even though her heart was drumming its final beats...

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Crown of Poppies

Poppies. They remind me of blood and dreams, of valor and sorrow. Of losing oneself. Of betrayal...

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Second Best

Let’s get this over and done with, she thought. The old bugger was dead and buried. Time to erase him from her life...

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I’d been busking up and down the street all summer with little success. Man, this town was tough...

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Murder and Machinery

Black Beacon Books "Murder and Machinery" is an anthology of horror, suspense, sci-fi, and steampunk all about Mechanical Madness and Technological Terror!

My contribution is "Foul Beasts", a steampunk horror story set before the events of my novel "Fortitude".

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