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Published in Heckler, Sydney Morning Herald, October 29, 2007

It's time to lavish praise on the whitegoods in your life


These Days

TV Work

Deadly Women S05, Ep04 - "To Love And To Murder"

Jane Dorotik

"To many, it seemed to be a perfect life. Jane and Robert Dorotik had been married for 30 years and together they had 3 children. But life behind closed doors was very different. Concerned over money matters, Jane worried that if the couple divorced; she would have to pay her husband a large yearly alimony, putting a crimp in her plans to expand her own business. On February 13th, 2000, Bob disappeared. Early the next morning, his body was found on a jogging trail in the woods. He had been beaten and strangled. Jane Dorotik was eventually found guilty of first-degree murder and is serving 25 years to life in prison. To this day, she maintains her innocence." ~ From Investigation Discovery - Deadly Women

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Reviews - Acting

W;t at New Theatre, 10 June - 10 July 2010

"The successful translation of this to stage is largely in the hands of the lead, Karen Bayly, whose performance is exceptional."  Concrete Playground

"Bayly's impassioned (if haughty) academic ...  her desperation to retain her sense of relevance and her sense of self both engaging and honest.  Bayly does a tremendous job as a woman alone, struggling to find a way to cope with words when words are made redundant. " MC Reviews

"Karen Bayly gave an impressive performance as the Professor."  Sydney Arts Guide

"Karen Bayly's performance is, like the subject matter, stoical, intellectual and layered."  OzBabyBoomers

Photo © Bob Seary

Reviews - Directing

Emergency Exit Aisle, 9-13 January 2013
Short + Sweet Sydney Top 80

"Simple effective staging and attention to detail by the three performers (Nick Barkl, Nic Verhoeven and Florence Kermet) were its strengths."  Theatre Junkies

"Another contender for a place in the Gala finals of the festival is Will North and Karen Bayly‚Äôs EMERGENCY EXIT AISLE ..."  Sydney Arts Guide

Nic Verhoeven, Nick Barkl Nick Barkl, Nic Verhoeven, Florence Kermet

   Cast: Nic Verhoeven, Nick Barkl, Florence Kermet

   Photos © Sylvie Soe