I was born in Sydney, Australia. From playing guitar and writing songs for bands that never went any further than the next rehearsal studio, to earning a PhD in animal behaviour, to acting, directing and writing, I've been addicted to imagination, creativity and knowledge.

I'm a science geek with penchant for biology and ethology. I adore animals and have a huge gooey spot for cats, horses and birds. Although an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy TV and film, I also appreciate serious drama - as long as it is in other people's lives.

I have published numerous short stories and am currently rewriting bits of my first novel. I've also written agricultural, medical and scientific articles and ebooks as a public relations professional, freelance writer and ghostwriter. I've recently rediscovered my passion for photography and am loving creating images I can call my own.

For the past ten years, I’ve worked in IT as a Software Test Consultant. Although I’ve covered all stages of the testing cycle, my preference is for UAT and usability. The projects I’ve enjoyed most involved visual, cross browser and cross platform testing. For me, software testing is truly worthwhile when I am ensuring a positive user experience for a client’s customers, and delivering a product that will continue to promote a client favourably long past the software release date.